Monday, 31 August 2015

Numenara Character

I was contacted about drawing someone's character from their Numenara campaign.
(Numenara is a cool RPG which includes a lot of different stuff, from fantasy to sci-fi. If offers you a pretty broad sandbox to play about in.)

This one is called Elise. She came with some pretty specific design elements, some of which were quite a challenge (glass hand with a magic symbol in it, black glass claw, golden sword with a transparent liquid claw, digital static facial tattoo and a giant beetle) to draw.

Working out how to draw all of these was a good experience. Pushing yourself is always a good thing as an artist so I always try to do something new or differently on each piece.

I had a real blast drawing her. It's always a bit of an honour getting to draw someone else's character. I know how attached I get to mine, even new ones, so I am very conscious of doing a good job on them. It's important to capture everything they tell you about the character and distill it all into a real, cohesive design. Something which captures and portrays their essence as much as possible.

The client was also a genuine pleasure to work with. We had a great dialogue, which is important and makes everyone's life easier.

I hope you like this one, anyway. I had a lot of fun doing it.

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