Thursday, 12 January 2012

Scylla Attacks!

The multi-headed beast attacks our brave 'Heroes of Hellas'.

Loved this one- particularly pleased with the sky and textures.

The Minoan

From 'Heroes of Hellas'

Digging the effects I got on his armour.

More Dicey Tales Beasties!

And this is the last lot.

For hose of you who missed it, go here now:

I can;t recommend it enough!

Dicey Tales Bestiary

Here are some pieces I did for The Evil DM Himself: Jeff Mejia's awesome Dicey Tales game.

These are from the bestiary and illustrate various entries/entities in battle with some characters which I made up for it.

A fantastic job to work on- I honestly enjoyed every second of it!

Dicey Tales is available from here:

And some more scenes and creatures...

Heroes of Hellas - Artdump 3

And some more creatures and scenes...

Heroes of Hellas Artdump 2

And here's another load for you...
Beasties anda couple more characters.

Heroes of Hellas - Artdump

Well, it's been a while coming but here's the first of a few big art dumps of completed work.

This lot is from the now titles 'Heroes of Hellas' (oh, you read the title there did you?) which is a Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) system game. Designed and conceived by the glorious Chris Harper, this game is stil in development but he has kindly allowed me to post my contributions to it on here.

These first ones are example characters from different nations and professions.

I'll keep you posted on any release dates, etc.