Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Barabrians of Lemuria: Fantasy

Here are my free and easy house rules for D&D à la BoL.
Just in case anyone is interested...

Barbarians of Lemuria: Force Awakens

I knocked up a super-quick one sheet for a Star Wars game set in the Force Awakens era. It's designed for use with the Barabrians of Lemuria rules.
It's just for a one-shot set in the underworld of the Outer Rim (just winging a criminal thing on a spacestation) so it doesn't go into great detail but I thought I'd share it. Feel free to use and abuse as you see fit.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Slaughter Beach

So, here is the cover which I did for Dark Minds' 'Slaughter Beach' by Ben Jones. It's a pulpy slasher of a thriller with a japanese twist.
I went for a bold design which would grab the eye; something which would grab you in a summer airport lounge or the like. I picked out a simple yet bold font to accentuate this aspect.
The kanji on the back is just the title in japanese. I drew it out and added some blood splats to convey the 'slasher-horror' feeling a little.
The palm trees took ages. But I didn't just want to use a generic stamp off the internet.
The skull in the moon was both quick and fun. I really enjoyed that part and am quite pleased with how it turned out. I love the pen strokes.
The final was compiled and converted to a pdf based on the provided dimensions. It was formatted for print at a high resolution.
Seeing it in the flesh was very satisfactory. Somehow it looks better as a physical object.
Get your own copy here: