Monday, 31 August 2015

Numenara Character

I was contacted about drawing someone's character from their Numenara campaign.
(Numenara is a cool RPG which includes a lot of different stuff, from fantasy to sci-fi. If offers you a pretty broad sandbox to play about in.)

This one is called Elise. She came with some pretty specific design elements, some of which were quite a challenge (glass hand with a magic symbol in it, black glass claw, golden sword with a transparent liquid claw, digital static facial tattoo and a giant beetle) to draw.

Working out how to draw all of these was a good experience. Pushing yourself is always a good thing as an artist so I always try to do something new or differently on each piece.

I had a real blast drawing her. It's always a bit of an honour getting to draw someone else's character. I know how attached I get to mine, even new ones, so I am very conscious of doing a good job on them. It's important to capture everything they tell you about the character and distill it all into a real, cohesive design. Something which captures and portrays their essence as much as possible.

The client was also a genuine pleasure to work with. We had a great dialogue, which is important and makes everyone's life easier.

I hope you like this one, anyway. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Dungeons & Dragon's 5E Adventurer's Toolkit

5E Adventurer's Toolkit

I have been busy compiling together all of my homebrew stuff into a pdf for public consumption.

Here is a quick summary of the contents:

•There are new player races, including duregar, hengeyokai, fey'ri and more.
•New archetypes for every character class including a newly improved beast master, exorcist, ninja, gunslinger, bounty hunter, medic battlemage and engineer.
•There are new backgrounds such as the detective and the occultist.
•New firearms and devices rules for more advanced societies.
•The CSI: Waterdeep campaign setting with the new City Watch faction.
•Return to Ravenloft rules for 5e expiditions into the mists which includes new races like the vistani, the werewolf, the dhampir and the revenant.
•And finally, the rules for Martial Arts with new feats, ki manoeuvers and setting ideas.

All of these rules are designed to be used together. There are backgrounds and classes which mix ideally with some of the settings. Please have a play around with them, pick and choose as you like.

If you like anything in here, then please share the link on to this page.

I am not charging for this, it's all done out of my love for the game and gaming in general.

I elected not to put any illustrations in this edition to make it more printer-friendly.

All of the original material is copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Any new rules are copyright of myself and are not to be printed for monetary gain without prior arrangement with myself.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fantasy Detective

I've been working on what started out as a little expansion for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (which has since spiralled out to over 80 pages so far..) and thought I'd draw one of the backgrounds from it.
He's a little Bladerunner.
All done in Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Note mobile.