Monday, 19 November 2012

Last of theStoryboards!

And here are the rest of them.

Absolutely loved this project and it was the best education I could have had, seeing as I've had none. Artistically, that is. A degree in Anthropology doesn't really help in art (but is great for referencing concepts!).

Nobody knows who drew these by the way.

More storyboards!

Here are some more.

Paul, by the way, is working on an amazing reboot of the Hellraiser franchise right now. It is a fan project of love and devotion which we are all eager to help get off the ground.
I so hope it happens as all the stuff I've seen is amazing and I love Hellraiser!
Pay heed, Mister Clive Barker, Sir, whom I love and admire very much.

Anyway, back to the boards. I learned so much on these: working accurately on my phone, getting used to the software, how to manipulate layers and textures and so on. A lot of the boards I got to do were 'boring' shots, but it was in trying to get depth and feel into these that I actually learned the most.

PS: the director's style sheet was mostly Terminator Salvation and Abrams' Star Trek, hence dirty textures and lens flares.


I just found out it's cool to post these!

A while back I was approached by my good friend and luminary, Paul Gerrard ( ) who had previously worked on many big and exciting hollywood projects such as Battle: Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans.

He was working on a project with director Mike LeHan and neded some help getting a whole load of storyboards together for a pitch package. He would do the key beats of the scene but needed the rest coloured and detailed to fit in so that as you looked through them they wouldn't stand out too much. Obviously I jumped at the chance to help out and get a taste of the hollywood. Paul sent me his first board and said just make them look similar.

After I cleaned my pants and told Paul that they would look in no way anything close to his fully-rendered cg/photoshop wonderment I started in them. I burned through as many as I could and Paul would message me whenever he had got one done.

It was a wonderful experience and one I hope to repeat soon.

Here then, are the boards in all their 'glory'. I did all of mine on my phone with my finger, much to Paul's surprise as he uses a 24gig pc. Yeah, you read that right. Paul's poop on mine from a great height, obviously.

Dicey Tales 2

The second volume of the Dicey Tales RPG is out now to download!
I did a load of stuff in this one: lots of pics for the beastiary and the 30s headshots. All of which can be perused on this very site. Lucky you!