Saturday, 1 June 2013

Carpathia RPG

Slowly trying to chip away at doing the artwork for the Hammer Horror Rpg which I'm helping to make in asociation with Evil DM Productions.
We're using the Barbarians of Lemuria system, with all of the fantastic pulp upgrades as found in Dicey Tales.
Lot of work, but it's going to be awesome.
Here is one of the example characters from it.
Lots of layers involved so she took a while.
She showcases a lot of the Carpathia colour palette in her blacks, reds, browns and creams.
All done on my phone as always.
(I had a Megan Fox obsession to work off so I was drawing her from a still from Jonah Hex, which eventually morphed into this. The pose is the same but all of the costume is new, barring the shoes.)


Narmer said...

Somehow I missed this illustration. Very nice.

77studios said...

Thanks, man!