Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TMNT The Foot

(It's funny 'cause I typed that wrong and it originally said "The Foof". Sounds like an all types of awesome supervillain!)

Legend has it The Foot were founded when two friends, Hamato and Oroku, killed a demonic dragon plagueing the countryside. They were trained in the mystic traditions of the ninja by the Tengu, mystic crow-men who speak to the wind and first taught men swordplay. Ninja love their legends and, while true or not, the Ashi ('foot') Clan have always been run by the elders of the Hamato and Oroku families, each wielding one of the twin Tengu Swords, ninjato with bone hilts (said to be carved from the bones of that dragon).
Today, The Foot ninja are soldiers of a private army, having fielded in Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East. AshiCorp is a security contractor who has recently moved into the US. They run the security at TCRIs New York facility; another company shrouded in mystery.
Design-wise I wanted to go for a 'practical ninja' look. Urban combat, body armour, thermal lenses. They use ninjato and silenced small arms. Experts in infiltration and counter-surveilance.  21st Century Ninja. Genuine 'Future Soldiers': this is Oroku Saki's vision.

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