Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sea Battle

This one is a scene I did as a two page spread for Barbarians of Lemuria (on DriveThruRPG now!). It was meant to have titles on it so I had to avoid solid blacks (#sadface) and I had to consider it both as a whole and as being seen on two individual pages, meaning the composition had to try and work on two halves, which is always a little tricky.

I had an awesome time doing the water on this. I love it so much I could just have that, but a load of abstract brush strokes don't usually sell books. Doing water is one of the legendary bugbears of artists, so I was pretty hesitant going into this. But, I played around with some of the brushes available in Sketchbook and came out with this.

The good thing was that the little stories I came up with for these illustrations actually made it into print in the final book as descriptive flavour text. I always find it best to construct a narative around a piece and then try and show a snapshot of it. That way I have more of a feeling for the characters and action. It helps me keep interest in the piece which, in turn, gives it more energy (at least to me).

(All done in Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as always.)

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