Sunday, 8 March 2015

Barbarians of Lemuria: behind the cover

Here are a couple of shots from the process for the cover and a couple of zoomed-in snapshots to show some of the detail.

My initial blueline, based on one of a few layout concepts.

Colours in progress on the princess. I like her hair: I thought white was a strong choice to distinguish her from Krongar and one that we hadn't used in the rest of the book. I usually prefer to draw black hair, but have tried to push myself away from this default setting. I'm getting more comfortable with that.

Then there are two zoomed-in shots just so you can see the linework and so on a little better.

Sketchbook has some nice brushes in it for texturing. There are a couple of drybrush-looking ones, with the 'bristles' flayed-out which are great for layering hair highlights.

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