Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Woodland Warriors

I got a chance to do the cover for the new edition of the Woodland Warriors RPG for Beyond Belief Games (brought to you by the visionary Simon Washbourne of Barbarians of Lemuria, etc.) so I jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity to try something different in a fun style (plus, something I could show my daughter that she might like!)
The concept came out pretty full-formed, even down to the colour palette. I wanted to try and catch an 80s Bakshi, Saturday morning kind of vibe, with a hint of Ghibli thrown in.
The foreground was done with solid linework and mostly flats with one overlay layer of dropshadow. The character designs kept simple and distinct so they would work in a cartoon.
I took the bold step of not drawing the background and fully painted it. Which I think worked out ok. I am really please with those clouds.
There ar a couple of layers of noise and blue over the top for a slight accent to the cartoony feel.
I designed the logo- working up from a font in sketchbook by hand and then converting it to a vector in inkscape.
I think it came out pretty well. I sure had a lot of fun doing it!
You can get a hold of a copy of it here.

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