Friday, 13 May 2016

Planeswalker 5E

Due to the release of the very cool Planeshift guide to Zendikar by Wizards (available here) I was inspired to try my hand at a character class for use as a Planeswalker for an epic Magic campaign.

My initial thought was to have it as a Prestige Class to multiclass into to allow for diversity, but I decided to do it as a full class should anyone choose to follow it all the way through.

It makes great use of both mana types and summoning as its main focus. There are a lot of mana powers to choose from to allow for diversity- to be honest I could have gone on here, but I wanted to keep the amount of powers available to each colour the same. People can easily make up their own powers using this framework- it would be cool to see a Devotion ability, Dmir powers or other particular planeswalker tap abilities.

This is all just for fun. Hopefully someone will find some use in it.

Appologies for the hasty formatting- I made it without access to my editing suite.

Obviously, everything in here is copyright of WOTC. Everything. The art is randomly grabbed to fit and is all copyright of the artists.

New Version: 29/07/16


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