Monday, 18 May 2015

Lady rogue

This is a character illustration for a female bard. It's for a personal game project I'm working on on-and-off.

I ended up changing her whole colour palette as I went on. I was originally going to have her in a full dress but I wanted to make her a little more action-ready so I changed it. I got caught up in enjoying my earthy palette.

A little hint of her bardic past is in her comedy/tragedy belt buckle.

I also changed her hair colour. She was going to have black hair, but I am making a conscious effort not to draw everyone with black hair, at least for a while. The hair ended up being the last bit which I did and it was just blank white canvas, which looked quite nice and complemented the rest of the composition nicely so I went with the very pale hair. (Also, with being dyed like this it makes her look a little theatrical and plays to her half-elven roots - yes, her ears are meant to be a little pointy like that.)

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