Sunday, 14 July 2013

Technical stuff

So, today I have been deep in the matrix and fiddling around with file sizes and types.

I've worked out a few things, which are pretty cool.

First up: I can create Vectors from my linework now,meaning they can be resized and manipulated until the cows come home without suffering any degradation or pixelation. Which is pretty awesome.

I use Inkscape for this- it's a free program and I can't recommend it highly enough. Download it now! As well as drawing in vectors and making very tidy layouts, it also has an option to convert to vectors. Import your linework, go to Object and then Trace Bitmap. Have a play with the options to find your own personal sweet spot.
Don't forget to save as a PNG to preserve the transparency.

Here's a preview of the tidyness:

I've also worked out how to remove the white background from a flat jpeg pretty easily.
This one uses Photoshop.

Open your image, then duplicate layer. Delete the original layer as you can't make changes to the background layer as it is permanently locked.
Now either  click on the fx button at the bottom of the layers palette or double click on the preview of the layer in the palette.
On the box which pops up you have a couple of sliders- pull the white tab from the right of the top slider down to the left a bit until all of your white background disappears. be careful as if you take it too far, bits of your image may start disappearing.

The save as a PNG to preserve the transparency.

Hope this helps somebody somewhere!

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