Monday, 8 July 2013

Hydra Attack!

I coloured-up the hydra scene for the Heroes of Hellas RPG. 
Just used the original pencils without any modifications (despite the temptation to fix MANY things...).
Once again I have fully painted the sky in my ongoing efforts to master painting. No imported textures here.
I added atmospheric effects, blur, etc. All by hand. There is a stone texture used on the rocks, though, which is my one cheat.
Everything done in Sketchbook Mobile, on my phone, with my finger.

Here is a higher-res version of the image. I hope you like...


Narmer said...

I'm glad I clicked and saw the illustration full sized on your blog. The little picture on my dashboard looked, well to be honest, crappy. I thought, "Really? I've liked everything I've seen up till now. What happened?" Then I saw the original and it looks great!

77studios said...

Ha! Cheers (I think?)!

Yeah, the low-res version didn't do it justice at all, which is sometimes the way with these things. A bit unavoidable for twitter/facebook friendly updates, though.

Glad you like it, though. It was strange using all of the new techniques I've learned fingerpainting on my phone over some old pencils. I'm pleased with how I'm advancing in technique as regards to rendering skies (textured clouds and a hint of stars at the top to suggest the gods watching over the encounter). Not quite there yet, but always learning.