Thursday, 16 May 2013


Here are the rest of my pieces from the forthcoming Triumphant! RPG from Beyond Belief Games. It's one of the best Superhero systems I've seen and a damn fine game.
Hell, if you're reading this in that there future, it may already be out! By it now!
Or maybe you are so far in the future it's already out of it's sixth printing! If so, hunt for it on ebay.
If that still exists.
It probably will.

PS Secret Art Stuff: the panel of Captain Superior punching was originally going to be the cover, but I did the teaser poster first ("Just let me draw that one up for you, too, I think you'll like it..") and they fell in love with it. So I worked up the rough a bit just to see it. It would have been all 'breaking the fourth wall' with him punching out of a comic cover. But my poster was too awesome to be denied.

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