Monday, 13 May 2013

Triumphant! RPG Developments

Hi all,
Thought I would post a few stages of art for this one, as some of you have expressed an interest.
All of this is drawn by finger on my Samsung Galaxy Note in Sketchbook mobile, from initial sketches to final design.
After receiving the initial brief from the client I hashed out a few ideas and colour schemes.
-the character is a superhero called Hemlock, a descendant of Merlin. He is a college student and uses a staff. I wanted to steer clear of him looking too much like 'Mage' or any other Merlin -related characters so modernised him a bit with a hoodie and laptop bag.
-Green was the chosen direction, dark green at that to suggest the druidic aspect of the character. I also had to add in the raven, which is part of his character which I had forgotten.
-Then it was just a process of working up a little thumbnail pose, enlarging it and drawing over it.
-The colours are put on in flat layers which are duplicated and then painted over in black at 50 percent opacity for shadows.
-To finalise I put in some effects for magic and dropped a 10 percent opacity cloud layer over the top in add mode to make it a bit more cel-shaded.
Hope y'alls like.
Triumphant! is coming this summer from Beyond Belief Games.

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