Thursday, 21 March 2013

Solo's Eleven

One of those rare and blessed instances where what you see in your head ends up coming out exactly the same in the finished piece.
Very, very happy.
I drew this whole thing today, mostly on my lunch.
And yes, I do have a plot for it. "The night the lights went out on Corruscant." Han plans the ultimate heist. Chewies is in. Lando is in. Some old friends are in. And some enemies.
They hire their own Mando to counteract Boba Fett who is after them. They have an astromech with an attitude. A fighter pilot. A twi'lek seductress. A protocol droid with a secret and an old war veteran on the run.
And they plan to hit Palpatine's private safe for a haul worth a whole galaxy...

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