Monday, 19 November 2012

More storyboards!

Here are some more.

Paul, by the way, is working on an amazing reboot of the Hellraiser franchise right now. It is a fan project of love and devotion which we are all eager to help get off the ground.
I so hope it happens as all the stuff I've seen is amazing and I love Hellraiser!
Pay heed, Mister Clive Barker, Sir, whom I love and admire very much.

Anyway, back to the boards. I learned so much on these: working accurately on my phone, getting used to the software, how to manipulate layers and textures and so on. A lot of the boards I got to do were 'boring' shots, but it was in trying to get depth and feel into these that I actually learned the most.

PS: the director's style sheet was mostly Terminator Salvation and Abrams' Star Trek, hence dirty textures and lens flares.

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