Sunday, 28 October 2012

Argos City; Heroes of Hellas RPG

This is another piece for the Heroes of Hellas RPG, showing two heroes; a renegade Spartan and an Athenian thief, coming upon the great harbour city of Argos.
Atop the gate in the great harbour wall stands a statue commemorating the giant Argus Panoptides from whom the city gets its name. The great cyclops looks out over every ship who enters, wreathed in a halo of golden eyes, forever protecting the city and the temple above him on who's facade is carved a likeness of the nymph Io, bracketed by a pair of armed seahorses.
I managed to lose the bottom third of this image half way through, when painting the sea on the first time. I just dropped it over the whole of the image and saved it by mistake. As a result I had to repaint the whole bottom of this, maching up eversy line in the rocks. Quite the pisser, let me tell you!
And yes. I drew it all with my finger on my phone, same as everything else.

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