Sunday, 8 May 2011


I was asked by my now good friend Jeff to do some updated character illustrations for the new edition of his Legends of Steel RPG. In our opening conversation he hit me with the music to my ears:

"I know you usually do historic stuff but this is more high fantasy"

I grew up on high fantasy (and sci-fi) and love drawing it almost as much as fine women and dinosaurs, so I snapped at his offer.

Jeff kindly sent me a PDF of the orginal version so I poured through it and was filled with millions of ideas! The setting is so rich and detailed that I could have done a hundred illustrations for it. I highly suggest that if you like your RPGs and are after a good Conan-esque game, then you get yourself a copy now.

But it was the signature characters he wanted updating first. Luckily there's a character sheet for each one in the book which, as a life-long gamer, makes for the best design brief you could ever get! I know how to read from them and took all the details from their gear and backgrounds to flesh them out. And I really went to town on them! I designed specific weapons and costumes and worked out the cultures of each character. I also put in a few nods to some classic fantasy heroes if you can spot them...

Anyway, here they are in their full glory.

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